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Things-to-do at Mongol Culture Park

Nomadic lifestyle show

Experience Mongolia's nomadic heritage through dynamic performances showcasing daily life and ancient traditions.

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Tribal exploration

Discover diverse Mongolian tribes Khalkha, Kazakh and Tsaatan - each with unique traditions and cultural richness.

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Horse riding

Experience Mongolia's nomadic heritage with horse riding!

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Folk music concert

Enjoy soul-stirring Mongolian folk music with evocative long songs, traditional instruments, and captivating throat singing.

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Hot air balloon

Fly with our hot air balloon to see a glimpse of beautiful nature as you rise.


Camel riding

Embark on a majestic journey atop a two-humped camel at the Mongol Culture Park.



Experience off-road adventures as you ride ATV motorcycle at the bank of Tuul river.



Channel your inner warrior as you learn the traditional techniques of Mongolian horseback archery, honed over centuries on the vast steppes.


Bullock cart

Whether you're seeking a nostalgic journey or an authentic cultural experience, a ride on a bullock cart at the Mongol Culture Park offers a memorable glimpse into Mongolia's rich heritage.


Knucklebone shooting

Experience the timeless tradition of knuckle-bone shooting at the Mongol Culture Park


Explore Mongolia in One Day

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